Investing at the start of a founder’s journey is a front row seat to the future.

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Our Principles

We’ve fused the instincts we’ve honed as entrepreneurs with more than a decade’s worth of insights to build an investment strategy specifically for early-stage businesses.

A portfolio approach

We believe a diversified approach to early-stage investment produce the greatest returns relative to risk. We invest in pre-seed, seed and Series A stage businesses, following-on to those with the highest potential.

Founders first

Our business is centred around active portfolio management. Our team, investor network, programs and services are all dedicated to helping founders achieve their loftiest goals.

A better tomorrow

Having pledged to the Investor Group on Climate Change’s Net Zero Asset Manager initiative, we are adamant that technology-driven solutions will address our planet’s most pressing challenges. We invest in a sustainable, resilient future.

Active abundance

We believe investment is non-zero-sum. To us, being active means both leading rounds and joining in, and collaborating on investment opportunities with our later-stage peers.

A uniquely crafted investment model

Investible has pioneered a unique approach to early-stage investing by combining a traditional fund-based venture capital model with an active, global network of investors.
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Club Investible

Access co-investment and founder engagement opportunities, so you can back the people, sectors and ideas you most resonate with.

Investible Funds

Diversify into high-potential returns from early-stage investing and enjoy exposure to the world’s most promising tech companies.

Climate Tech Fund

Australia has long been a home of industry. It's time we turn our attention toward a cleaner, sustainable future driven by technology. The Investible Climate Tech Fund backs early-stage businesses combating climate change through technology.

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Early Stage Funds

Investible's Early Stage Funds are the manifestation of our mission to turn seed stage investing into its own asset class on a global scale. The sector-agnostic approach assembles a wide-ranging portfolio with investments in over 9 countries, 20 industries.

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Club Investible

Club Investible members bring a diversity of expertise to our community. Hailing from around the world, across industry, these business leaders, tech entrepreneurs and super-connectors ensure our portfolio of growth-stage businesses are primed to make an incredible impact.

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When you invest with Investible, you are backing well-supported founders with the vision and ability to create opportunities and deliver exceptional growth over the long term.

Melanie Perkins, Founder of Canva

“[Investible co-founders] Trevor and Creel supported us from our earliest days and it’s been incredibly helpful to draw on their experience as founders and investors as we prepared to take Canva global.”

Melanie Perkins, Canva

Dor Krubiner, Founder, Hotelmize

“As a founder, you want to work with investors who move quickly and decisively. Investible executes on its comprehensive process swiftly – providing us with useful insights and enabling us to get on with growing the business.”

Dor Krubiner, Hotelmize

Zac Duff, Founder of JigSpace

“As a tech entrepreneur, you want to partner with investors who share your vision and see the opportunity to pioneer new innovations – not those who follow the crowd. They see your product and say, ‘that’s a world I want to help you build.”

Zac Duff, JigSpace

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