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What we look for

Our approach to investing is driven by our values, and where we see the world going. We invite technology businesses and founders from every industry, continent and background to get in touch.

Our diligence process is based on our proprietary Investibility Index. 15 factors that include your business model, the founding team and competitive landscape.

Perhaps you’ve founded a business (or five) before. Or, you’re an immigrant applying unique perspective to solve a massive challenge. Maybe you’ve surfaced an untapped opportunity through experience inside a major corporate or scale-up. There’s no one path to entrepreneurship. The best builders hail from every gender, age and ethnicity.

Our primary focal points for investment

  1. Incredible, visionary founders. Outsiders who break the mould
  2. Early-stage companies from Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia
  3. Businesses that have potential to scale globally
  4. Our Early-Stage Fund(s) are sector-agnostic (ex-biotech)
  5. Our Climate Tech Fund is focussed broadly on companies mitigating the effects of climate change

What does early-stage mean to us?

It is never too early to get in touch with us as soon as you’re thinking about your raise.

We deploy capital at the pre-seed, seed, pre-series A and Series A rounds. You may be pre-revenue, you might have a substantial book of clients. Seed stage is defined differently depending on your sector, business model and country. Our first-cheque sizes range from $250,000 up to $1,000,000.

Adam Burke and Luke McCoy of LIGR

Trevor and Creel supported us from our earliest days and it’s been incredibly helpful to draw on their experience as founders and investors as we prepared to take Canva global.

Melanie PerkinsCEO & Co-Founder, Canva

The Investible team was always really supportive, even when we weren’t talking about raising capital. I felt comfortable reaching out knowing that they were following WORK180’s traction and activity.

Gemma LloydFounder & CEO, WORK180

Being time conscious, Investible made the process hassle free, providing me with as much or as little support as I needed.

Peter ManettasFounder & CEO, Peter Manettas Seafood

As a tech entrepreneur, you want to partner with investors who share your vision and see the opportunity to pioneer new innovations – not those who follow the crowd. They see your product and say, 'that's a world I want to help you build'.

Zac DuffFounder & CEO, JigSpace

Our investment process

Our aim is to keep the investment process short and sharp. Though there’s no cookie-cutter approach, but we target a quick 6-8 week timeframe. That said, we can be flexible as the situation may call for. Expect regular communication during this time as we progress with you through the below steps.


The Pitch

Every single company who pitches us will get a response. Once you apply, you'll hear back within four weeks. No black holes, no circling back. We take you and your business seriously.

Introductory Meeting

Once we've screened your pitch, you'll meet with someone from our investment team either in person or virtually. This is where we get into some key questions to better understand your idea, product, and potential.

Due Diligence

This is where the majority of our research on your business takes place. We'll have further Q&A with the founder(s) and team, plus meet other stakeholders and references for your business. During our diligence process, we activate our deep investor and professional network for references and subject matter expertise.

Investment Committee

After a robust diligence exercise, our Investment Committee may invite you to pitch formally. They'll be briefed in detail by our Investment team, and prepared to dive into your pitch, your vision and your capability.

Terms and funding

This is where we get into the nuts and bolts of your investment round. As with every stage previous, there will be dialogue and coordination among us and any co-investors. If there is interest from our active group of investors, Club Investible, there may additional investment opportunities.

Welcome to the portfolio

Inside and outside of Investible, we celebrate every single investment we make. This is the real start of us working together. You'll be onboarded by our portfolio management team, learn in more detail about the value we bring, and plugged directly into the Investible network. The sky's the limit.

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