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Sydney will soon be home to one of the world’s most dynamic growth hubs built for scaleups that together will bring us toward a net-zero future

Greenhouse is a space to evolve ideas, accelerate business growth and build community, as we adapt to respond to the greatest challenge of the Anthropocene – climate change

Opening in late 2022

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Greenhouse is for founders, investors, professionals, corporate partners and supporters who are passionate about building a better future.

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The Investible Climate Tech Fund is investing in high-growth technology-enabled companies with a positive climate impact.

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The tech sector plays a critical role in the continued growth and economic success of wider Sydney and the national economy. The City of Sydney’s Tech Startups Action Plan, adopted in June 2016, identifies access to space as one of the key initiatives the City can deliver in order to support technology entrepreneurs and grow the startup ecosystem.

Supported by the City of Sydney through its Accommodation Grant Program, Greenhouse will provide affordable space for Australian scaleups and accelerate their expansion into global markets. Greenhouse reflects the City’s commitment to supporting the innovation economy and outstanding environmental performance – including its goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2035.

In collaboration with the City and an impressive group of partners and supporters, Greenhouse will engage the wider technology ecosystem, create pathways for early-stage startups and corporate and university talent and help position Sydney as the home of smart, inclusive and green innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Greenhouse?

Greenhouse exists to support the growth of emerging climate-tech businesses and others who are committed to enabling a ‘net zero’ future. It’s an acknowledgement that we need to work together – and fast – to develop, commercialise and scale climate solutions. Greenhouse is a place for growth and our mission is to provide climate-focused companies with the nutrient capital, talent, programs and events to grow to their fullest potential.

What organisations are supporting Greenhouse?

Greenhouse is operated by Innovillage Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Investible Holdings Pty Ltd (Investible).

It is supported by the City of Sydney, which had an ambitious vision to create the Business Innovation Space, a future-focused hub that would support the development and commercialization of Australia businesses and IP, enable businesses to grow globally and to act as a showcase of Sydney’s tech startup ecosystem to Australia and the world. The Greenhouse team will continue to work closely with City leaders to ensure the space satisfies the City’s goals and targets for economic growth, sustainable development and social inclusion. 

We’ll also be working with leading corporates, trusted investors and VCs, not-for-profit organisations, universities, subject-matter experts, coworking providers, established accelerators and diversity and talent leaders with the goal of building a globally recognised, best-in-class model for empowering climate tech businesses.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, get in touch.

Where will Greenhouse be located?

Greenhouse will be located in a brand new commercial tower at 180 George Street, in the heart of Sydney’s bustling CBD at Circular Quay. Members will have convenient access to transport and connect to the energy of Sydney’s dynamic business community.

Why is it called Greenhouse?

Greenhouse is all about growth and the name represents that commitment. Like all greenhouses, our space will be optimised to promote growth and development by providing scaleups with nutrient capital, talent, programs and events they need to reach their fullest potential.

But our Greenhouse is more than a physical space. While we’ll enjoy an incredible new home in Sydney, many of the services and offerings within Greenhouse will be borderless, helping support companies around the world—particularly those in climate tech—grow.

What will Greenhouse provide to members and residents?

Greenhouse is designed to help solve many of the key challenges climate tech scaleups face as they grow by offering:

  • Premium Workspace: Thanks to support from the City of Sydney, Greenhouse will feature 3,800 sq metres of cost-effective and flexible workspace options in a desirable location in the heart of the City – in close proximity to some of the country’s biggest corporates.
  • Greenhouse Talent Hub: We’re building a high-quality team of dedicated advisors, contractors and other professionals that members can access under a variety of flexible work arrangements and solutions.
  • Investment Opportunities: Members can apply for funding from the Investible Climate Tech Fund, a new fund backing founders creating high-growth technology companies focussed on a net zero future. Members can also connect with leading VCs and angel investors who will be part of our community and our broader network of investment partners.
  • Growth Programs & Events: Greenhouse will support members and the broader startup ecosystem with speciality growth services and support, tailored programs, international immersions, technical training and more.
  • Community: Members will be joining a purpose-driven community, committed to making Australia a leader in climate technologies and protecting the future of our planet.

How can I get involved?

Greenhouse is for everyone who is committed to building a more sustainable and prosperous future – including founders, corporate businesses, professionals, investors, students, supporters and more.

If you’re interested in working with us or becoming a member, please let us know. If you just want to stay up to date with our progress, join our newsletter!

Can my company get funding?

Greenhouse is designed to address the key challenges businesses face as they grow – including providing access to quality investment opportunities. Founders will be able to connect with investors through Greenhouse initiatives and events and funding opportunities, especially for businesses focused on combating the effects of climate change, will be available through angel investors and our local and global VC partners.

Founders building high growth tech businesses can apply for funding from Investible, which is now investing from the Investible Early Stage Fund 2 and the Investible Climate Tech Fund. Founders do not need to be a Greenhouse member to secure funding, nor will members be guaranteed investment.

Learn more about investment opportunities with Investible.

Do you have other questions?

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