Investible is an early stage specialist investment company that provides intellectual and financial capital to great Founders allowing them to launch, operate and scale their businesses.

We see hundreds of startup Founders and businesses every year so we need to have a scalable and consistent methodology around identifying and screening these opportunities. To do this we have identified over 250 data points in 16 key areas in what we call our Investibility Matrix, below:

This was no easy matrix to develop as measuring the Investibility of early stage companies is completely different from more mature business who have far more quantifiable measures to indicate traction, risks and probability of future success.

In early stage businesses many elements of success are far more qualitative. As an example the Founder’s quality and experience has a disproportionate weighting in an earlier stage company. We believe an average business model in the hands of a great founder has far more chance of success than an incredible business model and proposition in the hands of a poor Founder. It is our experience that the experienced quality Founder will change and pivot the business to find the right product / market fit and will attract talent and capital due to their ability to lead and bring people of the journey. A poor Founder will basically do the opposite and a great business model and proposition will fade away.  We have even backed Founders when we have not liked their current business and they have transformed the business into a great success.

Our Investibility Matrix has been developed over time by extracting the combined experience and know how of our Investment committee and gradually systemizing it.

In addition we have adopted Fingerprint for Success a psychometric tool developed over a period of fifteen years of working with and analyzing the work attitudes and motivations of Founders and Founding teams who have had successful exits. It gives us some amazing insights.

So, after we do all this screening how do we secure investments into the companies that we feel are the best potential? We have to have a compelling offering such that Founders want us on their shareholders register. We do that by having a compelling brand for Founders. We have a Founder friendly culture as we are all entrepreneurs and Founders ourselves and have been through our own capital raising experiences. We pride ourselves on having Founder friendly terms and being able to open our incredible Club Investible investor network up to our investee company Founders.

The key area we offer is access to our Founder development intellectual property and courseware via our Investible Circle program. There are three levels to the program. The first is designed for very early stage startups who are still not investor ready, the second is for those who are somewhat investor ready and beginning there early seed investment round, and the last is for those who have completed their seed round and heading towards their series A either in Australia or offshore.

The terms and benefits vary for each level of the program, however, all three levels include the concept of a Founder Mastermind Roundtable and 1:1 coaching or mentoring on a monthly basis to assist with whatever is the Founders primary challenge at the time. It may be finding and attracting talent, digital marketing, scaling the business, setting up for the next capital round, investor relations etc. Through the Investible network we have access to champions in all these areas.

The Founder Mastermind Roundtable is designed to give Founders a safe place to share their wins, challenges and knowledge and experiences with other Founders who are also on the same journey. From my experience being a Founder in a startup is an often overwhelming and lonely sport. This provides a time efficient and safe forum for catching up with a group of like-minded Founders.