Investible Vulpes Early Stage Fund II

Enabling the next generation of early stage founders
across South East Asia

Build a Diversified, Sector-Agnostic, Seed-Stage Portfolio

Proprietary Data-Driven Investment Process for Top-Tier Returns

Singapore Regulated (MAS) Fund Manager With 19 Years’ Experience

Access Deal Flow From One of the Youngest & Fastest-Growing Regions

Access South East Asia's Most Exciting Founders and Early-Stage Ventures

South East Asia is one of the world’s most compelling investment opportunities. With rapid urbanization and ubiquitous mobile connectivity, the region is leapfrogging its pathway to economic development, with a tech-savvy population that's hungry for innovation.

Despite the vast opportunities, the region accounts for a small percentage of global venture capital, with the bulk of investment focused on only a few companies.

The Investible Vulpes Early Stage Fund II fills a gap in the market for early stage funding, deploying sector-agnostic capital for Seed and early Series A stages in South East Asia.

Experienced Fund Management

The Investible Vulpes Early Stage Fund II is designed to maximize returns for investors in South East Asia, combining Investible’s proven data-driven investment process with the regional presence and experience of Vulpes Investment Management.

Investible has made more than 70 early-stage investments since 2010, with an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) above 60%. Behind each investment is a data-driven process, founder-focused support and strong global network of investors.

Vulpes is a Singapore-based fund manager with more than 19 years' experience in managing third-party money and is regulated by the Singapore Monetary Authority. It was an early investor in two Singapore Unicorns - Property Guru & Trax.

Data-Driven Screening Process

Investible's Investibility Index framework has been built over the course of a decade of successful early-stage investing.

We analyse up to 200 data points on each company to improve the screening process.

Our Team

Field Pickering

Managing Partner

Hugh Bickerstaff

Chief Investment Officer

Rita Nguyen

Investment Advisor

Trevor Folsom

Investment Committee

Ian MacDonald


Tristan Lane

Venture Partner

Jake Booker

Investment Analyst

First close Target - 30 April 2020

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Please note, the Investible Vulpes Early Stage Fund II is open only to those who / which are accredited investors or institutional investors, as defined by the Securities and Futures Act (SFA).