Australia will soon be home to one of the world’s most dynamic growth hubs for emerging green technologies

Today, green technologies are changing the way we live, eat, move and work for the better – and that progress is only going to accelerate. Within the next decade, climate-related technology innovation will give rise to entirely new industries that may well determine the future of our planet.

180 George Street: The future home of Greenhouse

Emerging technologies are critical in developing, commercialising and scaling climate solutions for the benefit of us all. That’s why we’re thrilled to have the support of the City of Sydney in developing and launching Greenhouse – a new growth hub to support emerging climate-tech businesses and others who are committed to creating a ‘net zero’ future. Technology businesses face increasingly complex challenges and require different levels of support as they scale.

Led by Investible via our subsidiary company Innovillage Pty Ltd, Greenhouse will help Founders overcome those challenges by offering access to pre-selected talent, investment opportunities and growth-focused support. 

Get involved with Greenhouse

While we envision many Greenhouse services to be borderless, we will truly bring the hub to life in Sydney inside a brand new space at Circular Quay.  This will include offering flexible coworking and building a strong climate-centred community. Through the City of Sydney’s Accommodation Grant Program, Greenhouse will operate across the three floors of Lendlease’s new 56-storey tower at 180 George Street (Salesforce Tower). 

From this HQ, Greenhouse will support tech companies to expand into global markets while also reducing harmful carbon emissions – and help progress Australia as a leader in climate innovation. 

Growing at Greenhouse

Greenhouse is all about growth. Like all greenhouses, the space will be optimised to promote growth and development. It will bring together a diverse group of investors, experts, partners and advisors to provide scaleups with nutrient capital, talent, programs and events they need to reach their fullest potential.

Greenhouse will have a number of key offerings including: 

  • Premium Workspace: Thanks to support from the City of Sydney, we will be able offer 3,800 sq metres of cost-effective and flexible workspace options in a desirable location in the heart of the City, close to some of the country’s biggest corporations.
  • Greenhouse Talent Hub: We’re uniquely identifying and selecting a number of advisors, contractors and professionals that Greenhouse members can access under a variety of flexible work arrangements and solutions.  The expertise available from this talent pool will be invaluable to enable Greenhouse companies to grow and scale nationally and internationally.
  • Investment Opportunities: Members can apply for funding from the Investible Climate Tech Fund, a new fund with 100% impact allocation.  Members can also connect with leading VCs and angel investors who will be part of our community and our broader network of investment partners.
  • Growth Programs & Events: Greenhouse will support members and the broader startup ecosystem with speciality growth services and support, tailored programs, international immersions, technical training and more.
  • Community: Members will be joining a purpose-driven community, committed to making Australia a leader in climate technologies and protecting the future of our planet.

Sydney’s iconic skyline will be getting a new addition

The origins of Greenhouse

Planning for Greenhouse began in earnest in 2019, after the City of Sydney announced it would be seeking an operator to run what was then called the Business Innovation Space (BIS). The City had long recognised the pivotal role technology businesses play in creating high-quality jobs, boosting the local economy and strengthening global connections. It had an ambitious vision to create a future-focused hub that would support the development and commercialisation of Australia businesses and IP, enable businesses to grow globally and act as a showcase of Sydney’s tech startup ecosystem to Australia and the world. 

Here at Investible, we were interested right from the start. We’ve always viewed early stage investing as our front-row seat to the future and saw the City of Sydney BIS as an incredible opportunity to help the next generation of founders build global businesses to address complex problems. It’s become clear, however, that no problem is more pressing or packed with latent opportunity than climate change. Greenhouse is our way of supporting and enabling optimistic, impassioned founders at the forefront of the fight.  

Our goals for Greenhouse

It’s our vision for Greenhouse to unite people, capital and purpose in new ways and accelerate the businesses that will help us all respond to the greatest challenge of the Anthropocene – climate change. To do so, we need to work together – fast – to develop, commercialise and scale climate solutions. 

Creel Price, CEO of Greenhouse and Co Founder of Investible

At the helm of this initiative is Investible Co-Founder Creel Price, who brings expertise in helping businesses to scale as well as a long-standing passion for sustainability and social entrepreneurship to Greenhouse as its inaugural CEO – a vision he has for over a decade. He’ll have the backing of the entire Investible team as well as many new faces we’ll introduce over the coming months. 

With us on this journey will also be an impressive group of partners and supporters, including leading investors, trusted corporates, government and not-for-profit organisations, universities, coworking providers, accelerators and diversity and talent leaders. 

Together, over ten years, we see Greenhouse directly supporting more than 100 high-performing businesses and creating more than 1,500 new jobs. It will engage the wider technology ecosystem, create pathways for early-stage startups, as well as corporate and university talent and help position Sydney as the home of smart, inclusive and green innovation. 

Get involved 

We’re excited to lead this journey, but we won’t be doing it alone. Greenhouse is for founders and investors who are passionate about building a better future as well as professionals, corporate partners and supporters who want to be part of the journey. If you’re interested in learning more about Greenhouse or lending your support, please get in touch

We look forward to sharing more about our vision and plans with you. 

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