Investible has participated in a €1.1 million funding round for Sundose, a European early stage company that is disrupting the US$123 billion global vitamin and supplements industry by delivering personalised, high-quality nutritional vitamins straight to your door.

Using data collected from an online health survey, Sundose nutritionists develop a personalised mix of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 acids, probiotics and antioxidants for each user. Packs of 30 sachets are then delivered monthly for users to take daily. With its data-based approach and unique manufacturing process, Sundose can adjust the formula as often as monthly, based on the changes in users’ lifestyle and health and fitness goals, with the option for users to add additional data from fitness wearables and other sources.

Starting in Poland, Sundose has quickly gained traction in the UK & Europe, with more than 3,500 customers receiving more than 100,000 personalised sachets per month.  In a little over a year, the business has proven it can enable personalisation-at-scale, developing up to 200,000 sachets per month from just one site.

With many supplement users wasting billions on supplements they don’t need, Sundose CEO Michal Gołkiewicz sees a significant opportunity to use personalisation to make the process more cost-effective and deliver better health outcomes.

“The traditional approach to dietary supplements encourages consumers to choose vitamins impulsively, wastes their money and makes it difficult for them to develop healthy habits. We are combining expert nutritional advice with personalised data and a unique manufacturing process to deliver exactly what consumers need each day, in just the right quantities,” said Gołkiewicz.

Investible was introduced to Sundose via a member of Club Investible, its invite-only, international club of active angel investors. Investment Director Daniel Veytsblit says the company’s proven ability to deliver personalisation-at-scale was a key selling point.

“Michal and his team have built a great level of defensibility around their business model with proprietary models turning consumer questionnaire inputs into personalised vitamins and an automated process that is scalable across Europe. We see personalisation being a major factor in the

future of the vitamin and supplements industry over the next five to 10 years and Sundose is well-positioned to be a leader in this space,” said Veytsblit.

“We see strong potential for Sundose to build a trusted brand across Europe and the UK, with the ability to innovate across product, manufacturing and supply chain and respond quickly to market needs and trends,” he added.

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