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Stories from our Portfolio

"In our partnership with Investible, we have the force of an incredible investment team, an amazing network of investors and the wider Investible portfolio family behind us on our mission to power the world's cultural future."

- Angie Judge, CEO and Founder, Dexibit

"Investible couldn't have done more to help make Car Next Door a success; from making time to give advice with numerous strategic decisions, to introductions to other investors, and countless tips at exactly the time you need them."

- Will Davies, Founder and CEO, Car Next Door

"Investible gets the founder journey. Not just the flashy media of how a startup should be, but the long grind, the sacrifices and how traction actually works."

- Gary Elphick, Founder, Disrupt Sports

"I was impressed by Investible's portfolio and, as I got to know them, I liked them even better. The team was always really supportive, even when we weren't talking about raising capital. I felt comfortable reaching out knowing that they were following WORK180's traction and activity."

- Gemma Lloyd, Co-founder, WORK180