Supporting Scentre Group retailers to adapt, innovate and scale

Scentre Group has partnered with Investible to provide their retail partners with the support and tools they need to future-proof their business and adapt in the face of unprecedented change.

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Thrive Program

10-week business development program for Scentre Group retailers who are committed to taking their business to the next level

  • 10-week free virtual program
  • 2-4 hours per week required
  • Up to 20 businesses selected

The Thrive program will support up to 20 retail and hospitality businesses within select Scentre Group locations to future-proof every aspect of their business model and identify new opportunities for innovation and expansion.

Over the 10 weeks you will:

  • Stress test and future-proof every aspect of your business model
  • Identify new revenue streams, efficiencies and possibilities for growth
  • Supercharge your digital marketing and sales strategies
  • Get connected to a powerful national alumni community of experts and business owners for advice, support and potential collaborations

Businesses based in the following centres are eligible to apply: Parramatta, Burwood, Hurstville, Liverpool and Miranda.

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With what we learned from the program, we could react fast in face of the coronavirus crisis and come up with a new concept. We could validate our ideas and decisions faster within the framework of the program and get valuable feedback from peers

Illa Kim, Soul DiningThrive Alumni

The network of people it connected us to was also second to none; I can’t imagine we would have had access to the same calibre of experts and business owners we did without this program.

Zoltan Csaki, Citizen WolfThrive Alumni

Course informed and gave me the inspiration and confidence to pivot from my existing business model, then the skills and tools to develop the MVP and start planning the process for scaling my new online business

Christopher Sheldrick, Passiontree VelvetThrive Alumni

The tools, frameworks and feedback that we have been given in this program have helped give us confidence about growth and understanding how far we can go. We started thinking we would scale to another location, now we are up to 5 more and growing.

RaRa GroupThrive Alumni

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the program commence?

The program will commence February 2022, however all participants will be selected for the cohort by the conclusion of 2021.

How are the 20 businesses for the Thrive program selected?

Thrive is a selective program limited to 20 Scentre Group retail partners. For this pilot program, business owners within the following Scentre Group locations are encouraged to apply: Parramatta, Burwood, Hurstville, Liverpool and Miranda. Thrive applicants will go through a multi-stage screening process conducted by Investible.

How can I find out more about the program?

If you have any questions relating to the program, please reach out to

Who is Investible?

Investible is a leading early-stage investment firm that has run entrepreneurial and business development programs across the globe. As an early-stage investor, Investible is committed to supporting robust entrepreneurial ecosystems and local economies. Investible has a proud history of supporting diverse groups of businesses through their flagship Thrive programs, which are suitable for a wide variety of businesses and experience levels. Having served over 1,700 businesses across 7 programs in NSW and Victoria, Thrive programs have supported all major industries and sectors. These programs help business owners build their resilience, agility and skills ultimately supports economic recovery, job creation and strengthens critical sectors such as retail and hospitality.