The Investible Games

Think Tough Mudder meets startup Accelerator where 12 startups will be undertaking 12 Challenges over 3 Days. Startups will be assessed on their founder team, understanding of the problem, business model, traction and more – in front of investors, business and industry leaders, startup and corporate innovators

It’s all about

becoming more Investible

The best Investors rarely invest off the back of Accelerator Demo Days which means you could have given up months of your time and crucial equity only to be surrounded by mentors that know less about your industry than you do.

The Investible Games is different – we’re revolutionising startup development, investor due diligence and corporate venturing by acknowledging the best startups are time poor. We provide real prizes, real insights and real networks without fees or taking a slice of your equity.

Investible’s Investibility Matrix assesses 16 core factors that if you can identify and improve will dramatically increase your likelihood of landing investment.

Jump into serious fun


The winning participant will receive a 12 month founder support package with Investible worth $18K, and up to $10K in cash over 3 days. Prizes also include investor meetings, partner inclusions, and coaching together with attendance at the popular Investible Bootcamp.


Not only are selected applicants eligible to undergo the Fingerprint for Success (F4S) founder attitudes and motivations tool they also participate in our Investibility MasterClass.


All participants will receive a comprehensive report on the startup activity in their sector. Industry experts from your sector will be on-hand to provide feedback and direction.


Over the three days, you will meet with some of the most dynamic startups, a broad range of corporate innovators, senior executives, tech and design experts together with industry leaders.

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Apply for our intensive 3-day Investible Games

Investible Games
Jakarta, Indonesia
April 26th - 28th, 2019
Investible Games
Melbourne, Australia
June 27th - 29th, 2019
Investible Games
Bangkok, Thailand
Are you eligible to apply?

Criteria for application into The Investible Games

Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

Have received less than $1m Funding

Solving a real-world problem

Ensure that your industry is listed in the categories below.

Must be based in Australia or South East Asia

Required to attend 3 days (in-person)

Minimum 2 people per team


Are you Developing Innovative Ways to Revolutionise the Food Chain?

Big Data (AI)

Are you using Big Data to enhance the Artifical Intelligence of your product or service?


Are you redefining how we learn, obtain skills, and disrupt research innovation?


Are you driving sustainable energy across how it’s produced, delivered and consumed?


Are you disrupting technology that improves activities in finance?


Are you developing technology to improve the delivery, payment, and/or consumption of care?

Social Impact

You are creating a positive solution that addresses a pressing social challenge.

Disability Tech

Are you Innovating the Assistive Technology space for people with disabilities?


Apply to the Investible Games

We'll have improved your Investibility and dramatically increased your network without outlaying a cent.

FAQ’s About The Investible Games

What’s the difference between The Investible Games and a startup weekend or hackathon?

There are some similarities though those programs are about ideating a business – The Investible Games is about using your existing business.

When is The Next Investible Games?

There will be an Investible games held in 2019

What if I can only go to 1-2 of the days?

You must participate on all three days.

Who can apply?

Must be a for-profit that is making an impact – there are guide sectors at but if you are in another sector please still apply for review.

What stage does my startup need to be at?

  • You should be at least about to complete MVP
  • Companies must have raised less than $1 m in funding to qualify

How much does it cost to apply?

There is no cost for application. Investible don’t take equity for teams that are selected to participate in The Games.

What is the application process?

  • Apply for the Investible Games here, according to the city you will be attending at:
  • Someone from the Investible team will be in contact around your deck

If I am selected for The Investible Games, can I bring my co-founder?

Yes, though teams are limited to two people so you will have to decide which two if there’s more than two co-founders.

What if I am a sole founder?

We ask that all sole founders bring an advisor or friend to ensure they aren’t at a disadvantage to the other teams that have two people.

How will judging work?

There will be different judges over the course of the 3 days and the judging criteria differs for each challenge.

What investors will be at The Investible Games?

We are in the process of finalising investors. It will be similar to what Investible do with our Angel Pitch where we have our Investment Committee and our club members and make it open to VC and Ecosystem players and mentors – in the past there has been representations from Airtree, Blackbird, Impact Ventures.

How much time will I get with investors?

  • You will have a 5 minute pitch in one of the Challenges and then you will get to meet the investors in a speed dating format
  • Investors will also form part of the judging panels for the other Challenges which will give you constant exposure over the 3 days

What corporates will be at The Investible Games?

We are in the process of finalising corporates.

Are the challenges physical?

No – they are all about your business.

Can you provide an example of a challenge?

We don’t want to ruin the surprise – other than to say we have been testing the challenges and each of the founders have got a lot out of them and as investors we find out a lot more about you as the founder and your business than reading an impersonal deck.

Is there pitching at The Investible Games?

One of the 12 challenges is an investor pitch.

How do I protect confidentiality of my business?

Whilst we do a report for our sponsors on each sector and the companies that apply – it is anonymised.

What do Investible get out of it?

We are looking to find some investible startups that we can invest in.