The Investible Games

The event that’s redefining seed investment,
for founders who are redefining the future


What is The Investible Games?

The Investible Games is a unique event that challenges early-stage founders toward their first seed raise.

This is not a pitch competition or hackathon. Now delivered as a virtual event, this is an intensive, two-day challenge designed specifically for up-and-coming founders who want to put their business in the best possible position to raise capital.

If you're willing to learn what it truly takes to be investible and understand the value of connecting with investors early on in your capital raising process, the Investible Games is for you.

Who should apply?

The Investible Games is a high-impact, invite-only event designed to condense the often long and time-consuming process of seeking investor feedback. In just two days, founders and investors uncover insights that typically require months of investor meetings, enabling you to begin your capital raising journey with confidence.

We’re looking for startups that meet the following criteria:

  • Raised Less Than $500,000 in Institutional Investment

  • Evidence of Validation and/or Traction

  • Founder(s) Can Participate Via Zoom

The Next Investible Games:


November 11 – 12, 2020


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Participant stories:

More than 70 early-stage startups have taken part in Investible Games events across Australia and South East Asia, representing a wide variety of industries and sectors. Here’s what founders have to say about the experience:

Who should apply for the Investible Games?

The Investible Games is designed for founders of early-stage companies that are progressing toward their first seed raise. Ideally, companies will have raised less than $500,000 in funding. Startups working in all major sectors and industries are encouraged to apply.

What does the application require?

The application is a simple, secure online form used to assess startups suitability for the Investible Games. Most founders should be able to complete the form in a matter of minutes!

Applicants should expect to provide your contact details and basic information about your sector and previous funding. We also require applications to upload their most recent pitch deck or company overview.

What does it cost to participate?

There is no cost to apply for or participate in the Investible Games. Investible does not take equity as a condition of participation and there is no extended commitment required.

The Investible Games is delivered virtually, so no travel or in-person meetings are required.

If it’s free to participate, why does Investible host the Investible Games?

As an early-stage investor, we believe in building long-term relationships with high-potential founders. We want to get to know your business before you’re ready to raise capital and long after we invest.

The Investible Games is a great way to establish relationships between founders and investors, resulting in stronger startups and investment opportunities.

What is the format for the event?

The Investible Games is a virtual, challenge-based event. We will invite up to 30 businesses to participate in the first stage (in two cohorts of up to 15), with activity spread across two days. All participants will have access to Investible’s proven founder development IP,  interact with investors and gain valuable insights that will help them on their capital raising journey.

Up to 10 businesses from across both cohorts will be invited to Stage 2, which will take place approximately six weeks after Stage 1. It will also be delivered virtually over two days and enable founders to build on what they’ve learned so far and engage further with investors. 

What types of investors will be in attendance?

The Investible Games is designed to promote genuine connections between founders and investors and local and international investors are on hand throughout the event.

Investors will participate as challenge judges, enabling them to provide personalised feedback on different areas of your business. Startups that successfully make it through to the final round will have the opportunity for one-on-one time with investors.

How do I apply?

Apply now via our online application form. Most founders can complete the application in just a few minutes!