An idea combined with successful execution can change the world. An idea by itself is worthless.

Execution is Everything.

So how do you learn how to execute at the highest level?

Well, you want to get the most successful entrepreneurs as mentors, you want to undertake the most intensive learning program you can find and when you are finally ready, you must get your business of the best early-stage investors….

Sound good?

Welcome to the Investible Games.


2018 Sydney Investible Games

The Investible Games is intense learning over 2.5 days, involving 12 outcome driven, immersive challenges, resulting in tangible business insights and optimising your business for success. Start-ups will no longer be defined by a five-minute pitch. The challenges will dive into your sales and go-to-market strategies, create practical learning sessions where our team of entrepreneurs will pull apart your business model and give you tools to ensure you are building the most cohesive and dynamic team to execute on your global ambition.

The I-Games is not a lengthy process that requires you to relocate to a new city and block out 3 months of your business life nor do you have to give up any equity.

Our team of extraordinary entrepreneurs has created specific challenges and the perfect environment to up-skill founders in a short amount of time. The unique Investible Games challenges include taking the Finger Print for Success survey, to find out your strengths and blind spots, the business model blueprint, to ensure you are building the revenue model that best fits your business and the Axis of Evil — do you really know your market??

Peer reviews and an almost instant feedback loop make for an intense 2.5 days at the Investible Games

We guarantee that after the 2.5 intense days of the Investible Games, you and your business will have the knowledge to be 10 x more investible.

Investible doesn’t deem the success or failure of a participant at the I-Games by the number of podium finishes the startup has through the challenges. We are looking for participants who experience the greatest amount of growth over the two and a half days. Those able to digest and understand what is being tested in each task and demonstrate improvement.

The Investible Games created a unique environment to ensure you take a fresh perspective on your business

Every start-up in the world should do this.

Mark Mendel99Starts.com Founder & CEO, Mark Mendel.

99Starts.com Founder & CEO, Mark Mendel,
and leading Canadian Entrepreneur Mark Brand
at the Sydney Investible Games.

And while raising capital is often the ultimate goal
for an early stage startup, it shouldn’t be the only one.
Investible offers businesses support through a number
of vehicles, including direct investment, mentorship,
and our circle club — your private mentorship network.

The Investible Games are your gateway to success.

Are you ready to take your startup to the next level?