We believe that Australian Young Service Personnel can be leaders on a new front line – Entrepreneurship.

Why we believe you are

wired for Entrepreneurship

Risk Management

Of course, managing risk in the entrepreneurial sense seldom includes life and limb, but running a business carries with it a fair amount of calculated risks, something that many entrepreneurs never capitalize on.

Leadership Skills

Another valuable skill. Leading a startup that is often underfunded requires business leaders to deal with the stress and pressure of wearing multiple hats.

Prioritisation Skills

Founders must deal with this challenge on a regular basis. The ability to prioritize initiatives and tackle those that offer the greatest possibility of success is an invaluable talent that can’t be ignored when money and resources are stretched thin.

Founder Chemistry

Founder Chemistry spans across Vision, Values, Skills, Credibility, Attitudes and Attributes. The Methodology leverages the F4S Founder Assessment Tool of attitudes and motivations based on a 20-year study of successful global entrepreneurs.

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

Participants will be able to apply their week’s learnings to an interactive workshop designed to assist with achieving their milestones. Including unlimited 1:1 coaching throughout the week to ensure that they are supported with the outcomes.

Personal Wellbeing

We work with the whole person, using models of Awareness, Reflection, Insight and Action to grow their levels of personal empowerment across all domains of their life. 

We support the whole human being - not just the business owner.

Holistic Founder Approach

Investible has developed this program with the knowledge that people drive the business and therefore this program takes a holistic approach in how we support the founder first.

Innovative Delivery Format

Investible has developed a next-generation accelerator that attracts and develops a national audience of the best startup talent without the cost and limitations of traditional accelerators.

Hero for


Mark Wales - an Aussie Army vet of 16 years, 6 of those in special ops.
He wanted to take the values and specialist military training he’d acquired and apply it to doing something meaningful post service – he founded Kill_Kapture.
He’s an example of how young Australian service personnel can apply their training and transition into life beyond war.