We are committed to building a net-zero future

The Investible Climate Tech Fund is an early-stage investment fund investing in founders who are creating high-growth technology enabled companies with a positive climate impact.

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A unique opportunity

As the world moves toward ‘net zero’ carbon emissions, climate technologies are already changing the way we eat, live, move and work. Within the next ten years, these innovations will create new industries, and reinvent the way incumbents do business.

Investing in climate technology capitalises on the strong macro tailwinds generated by growing awareness of climate change, changing consumer preferences and business requirements, as well as government support.

To demonstrate our commitment to this belief, Investible has pledged to the Investor Group on Climate Change’s Net Zero Asset Managers initiative.

Combined with the global reallocation of capital away from fossil fuels, this is a once in history opportunity to build successful companies while helping preserve the quality of life on this planet.

Invest with us

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Our investment mandate

The challenge of climate change transcends any specific sector. The Investible Climate Tech Fund will invest in a diverse range of companies across six key sectors identified by the UN Environment Programme as the most critical in supporting the transition to a low-carbon, more resilient future.


Decarbonising our energy sources through electrification, new fuels and storage

Buildings & Cities

Protecting our existing assets from the impacts of climate change and driving energy efficiency in new physical structures and retro-fits

Food & Agriculture

Increased resilience, sustainable tastes and reduced waste across our food production systems


Unlocking the next generation of mobility through efficient and scalable technologies


Better ways to mine, manufacture & utilise the resources that power our world

Land & Forest Use

Rethinking how we utilise, engage with, protect and renew our ecosystems and natural resources

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Our competitive advantage

Proven track record

Leveraging Investible’s unique early-stage investing methodology developed over the last ten years to source, screen, secure and support quality investment opportunities.

In-house Expertise

We’ve assembled a dedicated team, bringing decades of climate investment and industry experience to the Fund.

More than money

Impactful founder support in product, commercialisation and talent backed by our global investor network.


A new, dynamic growth hub built for scaleups that together will bring us toward a net-zero future. Greenhouse is a space to evolve ideas, accelerate business growth and build community.

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