Is your startup ready for seed investment? This is your chance to prove it!

Investible is now assessing startups applications for The Investible Games, which will return to Sydney for the second time on October 31 and November 1 with the support of Digivizer Australia’s leading digital and social analytics technology company and Fishburners, Australia’s largest coworking community of tech startups.

The Investible Games is Investible’s proprietary two-way, due diligence event designed to challenge early stage companies toward seed investment.

Over two days, founder teams take part in 10 unique challenges that stress-test critical aspects of their business and receive visibility, guidance and feedback from Investible and its network of angel investors and industry experts.

In less than 48 hours, startups gain insights that would typically require months of investor meetings to learn and have the opportunity to advance their business model, access multiple investors and accelerate the capital raising process – free of charge and without giving up equity.

Only 10 startups are invited to compete in each event with the top performers winning additional investor meetings and mentoring sessions. More than 35 startups, selected from a pool of more than 300 businesses, have participated in the Investible Games across Australia and Asia to date with the events facilitating more than 65 investor meetings.

Inspace XR, which develops virtual reality solutions for architects and engineers, was one of the participants in the inaugural Investible Games Sydney event. It then went on to raise US$750,000 in a round led by Investible.

“It was great to be thrown into back-to-back challenges at the Investible Games, each offering lessons in a key area of the business. It helped us successfully close our seed round quickly as we had the support of Investible and other investors who participated in the event,” said Justin Liang, CEO of Inspace XR.

Each of the Investible Games challenges is based upon the Investibility Index, the due-diligence methodology that Investible has developed and used to achieve an unrealised internal rate of return of 67.2% from investments in more than 70 companies including Canva, Ipsy and Brandless. Participating investors gain insight into Investible’s process and have the opportunity to evaluate startups under unique circumstances.

“Most investment events focus on pitching, so investors often see startups who have had a lot of time to prepare. With the Investible Games, you get to see top founders reacting in the moment and under pressure. It gives you a good sense of how they operate and respond and how well they know their business. If you want to get the real insights into these startups, I highly recommend participating in the Investible Games,” said Adam Seccombe, angel investor and member of the judging panel at Investible Games Melbourne 2019.

Elisa-Marie Dumas, Head of Programs and Partners at Investible added:

“This is not a traditional accelerator, hackathon or a pitch day. In fact, it’s not like anything the startup ecosystem has seen before. We’ve designed the Investible Games to support our due diligence process and give early-stage founders what they need most – expert feedback, meetings with top investors and the opportunity for capital.”

Startups that have received less than $1M in funding to date are encouraged to apply now.

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