City of Sydney Retail Innovation Program Alumni

Citizen Wolf

Ethically made, fit-for-you clothing

How many times have you ordered clothing online, only for it to not quite fit when it arrived or tossed out a shirt that started to wear and tear after just a few washes?  

These frustrations led Zoltan Csaki and business partner Eric Phu to start Citizen Wolf, an ethical clothing retailer. Citizen Wolf makes clothes that fit the body, using its measuring tape-free Magic Fit® algorithm to accurately predict body shape and produce custom-fit, custom-style, carbon-negative clothing within 10 days, using only a customer’s height, weight, age and bra size. 

Citizen Wolf took part in the City of Sydney Retail Innovation Program to help their team identify new opportunities to grow. Csaki says the experience was a godsend, giving him time to “work on the business, rather than in the business,” and frameworks to help them evaluate new opportunities and business model iterations.  

A year later, when COVID-19 hit, Csaki says they had the tools, resources and network they needed to adapt and innovate quickly. 

We’ve actually re-implemented a number of things we learned through the program. It gave us a lot of clarity, as well as some powerful frameworks like the Business Model Blueprint. The network of people it connected us to was also second to none; I can’t imagine we would have had access to the same calibre of experts and business owners we did without this program.

Zoltan Csaki Co-Founder, Citizen Wolf