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The Cruelty Free Shop

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City of Sydney Retail Innovation Program Alumni

The Cruelty-Free Shop

One-stop shop for ethical living

Jessica Bailey, owner and founder of vegan supermarket The Cruelty Free Shop and a vegan for 20 years, has a simple mission: “to show that you don’t have to compromise or go without if you want to reduce your reliance on meat and dairy.”

Over two decades, what started as a hobby became a one-stop-shop for all things vegan, with more than 3,000 products, including food, health, fashion, beauty, and household items.

Jessica first entered the program with the hope of identifying ways in which she could scale her physical store locations and encourage her team to contribute more to the business. Over the course of the 12 weeks, she gained valuable insights around how to improve the team’s culture and productivity.  

“It was a game-changer that got me enthusiastic about my business again,” she says. 

Jessica also took the opportunity to start putting her growing customer data to good use, learning how to use that data to reduce her cost of acquisition and improve her targeting. This experience ensured that when COVID-19 rendered the two physical stores “dead quiet”, Jessica had the ability to quickly expand her online offering.

We have survived through COVID-19 because of what we learned in the program. We refocused all of our resources online, and moved all of our marketing budget towards social media and Google Ads. Because we moved quickly and decisively,we were also able to keep all of our staff employed. The process we set up and the changes we made were a direct result of Investible.

Jessica BaileyOwner, The Cruelty Free Shop