City of Sydney Retail Innovation Program Alumni


Gluten-free donuts and vegan sweets

On any normal weekend, you would see faces glued to the windows of Nutie’s vegan dessert shops. In just two years, self-taught baker Sina Klug and her business partner Jacques Dumont have grown Nutie to two locations and built a social media following of more than 45,000 foodie fans.
With the threat of COVID-19 keeping customers indoors, Sina and Jacques knew they would need to pivot their business. Using what they were learning during the City of Sydney Retail Innovation Program, they quickly set up a new online platform to facilitate takeaway orders and leveraged Instagram to keep customers engaged. With the support of other program participants, Nutie has also been able to test new products and forming partnerships to offer joint product offerings to drive growth.

“With anxiety finally easing off a bit we can see how much we have profited from the Retail Innovation Group over the last few weeks. From others testing our new products, giving feedback, to having the support of people in exactly the same situation. It was probably the main factor in getting us through this and moving the business forward. We have been able to develop new strategies for our brand, work together with other businesses and grow our product portfolio based on the advise and feedback within the group.”

SinaOwner, Nutie